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IoT is constantly evolving.  We help you make sense of it.

As enterprises and governments around the globe try to aggregate and analyse the massive amounts of sensor data across different devices, many of them struggle to:


  • Correlate huge data sets from multiple data sources and formats

  • Run analytical models to derive meaningful insights on traditional systems

IoT Solutions helps enterprises and governments to make better use of data, address these challenges and develop useable optimization strategies.

About IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions is made up of a cadre of dedicated IT and IoT professionals that bring a unique passion and enthusiasm to our work.  We help enterprises and governments to make sense of data, make better decisions, and make the whole IoT ecosystem work better.


Additionally, IoT Solutions also partners with global technology leaders to provide OTS or custom-designed data collection, analysis and ideation solutions.  We can combine large-scale data feeds with open-source, reusable components located in specific locations to integrate feeds from all leading IoT platforms and help enterprises rapidly collect, process, store, and analyse huge volumes of machine data as well as augmenting it with tailored, localised feeds.


Key areas of focus include:

  • Real-time data acquisition from sensors, devices, and equipment using standard IoT protocols including MQTT and XMPP
  • Edge analytics to control and monitor connected devices
  • Large scale data transformation and processing using the power and agility of Big Data
  • Real time analytics to generate and view insights, alerts and visualization
  • Data correlation engine to improve decision making by rule processing and event correlation
  • Data analytics engine with the paradigm of Big Data

Benefits of using our services:

  • Reduce time to market with tailored capabilities and better insights
  • Receive insights by monitoring IoT devices in real-time
  • Improve the relevance of decision making with cross functional insights
  • Reduce support, maintenance, and upfront investment by getting it right the first time

Contact Us

IoT Solutions operates globally on a variety of specific enterprise, government and community-based projects.  Please contact us at and we will connect you with the right local representative to discuss your needs and how we can help.